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The Future of Expandable Structure Technology
Massiera Industries, formed in 2010, is aggressively researching, experimenting, and implementing new designs and tools to change various industries in the future. Their primary focus is the developmental framework of forward thinking smart structures, also known as "Expandable Structure Technology". Massiera Industrie's ten year plans are to create portable, light weight, and durable hard shelled smart structures that focuses on aiding humanitarian and medical needs in impoverished countries. The EPS 4-10 have been mapped out slowly eliminating the need for fans, constant energy sources, and increasing the use of new technology to enhance the structure itself.

Our corporate offices are based out of Dallas, Texas. The EPS units are manufactured in Hackensack, New Jersey. Our warehouse is in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Our design, sales, and marketing team are based out of New York City and Los Angeles.

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For optimal strength, turn the E.P.S. parallel with the winds so that the wind blows down the length of the E.P.S. YOU MUST STAKE THE E.P.S. DOWN BEFORE TURNING THE FAN ON. WIND TABS NEED TO BE SECURED BY THE CARGO STRAPS TO THE 18 INCH GROUND STAKES. The 55 foot black cargo straps go over the top along the longest length of the EPS3. The 10 foot black cargo straps are used at the ends. Any wind tab that is not attached to a strap must be tied using the rope provided to the 9 inch "T" handle ground stake insterted in the ground to the very base. All the wind tabs along the bottom of the unit must be secrued to the ground by the 12 inch straight ground stakes that were provided to keep the flooring from bunching up or moving around. By not staking the unit down, the risk of instability and potential damage to the unit is greater in light to strong winds. Any damages would not be covered under warranty. Do not remove the straps or ground stakes until the EPS has been completely deflated and everything inside removed. If using the E.P.S. on sand, use 15-18 inch auger stakes. If using indoors, you can use sandbags. PLEASE READ THE MANUAL BEFORE USE.

Over Inflation
If the corners and edges begin to rise off the ground, you need to turn the power of the fan down by turning the knob on the Remote Power Control counter-clockwise. If the walls or ceiling become sluggish there is not enough power and the dial needs to be turned clockwise. If there is a lot of traffic through the doors and it is hard to maintain stability, you'll need to get the "Door Frame Support" accessory, which greatly reduces escaping air. If over inflation is not addressed, the edges of the unit can pull the exteroir ground stakes at the base up creating instability on the bottom. The flooring can bunch up creating a threat of tripping or damage to the floor. It will also create a great deal of stress on the seams and ZipWall door openings. If the over inflation becomes excessive and the EPS begins to round out, the doors may become detatched or the seals may delamenate for safety. If the unit is damaged, the factory can inspect the material and determine if the seals failed due to factory error, of whether the unit was over inflated or not staked down. Both situations will void the warranty due to neglagence.

Power Failure
If the doors are zipped shut, it takes a while for the air to escape the E.P.S. Calmly evacuate the unit. The material around the exit is diffused to make exiting simpler and easier to find. There is a second door on the opposite end on the other side that can also be used ass an emergency exit. The zippers will always close in the down position. Reach down and pull the zipper up to open the door. Once the power issues have been resolved, you may reenter the unit. DO NOT ENTER A DEFLATED E.P.S. OR REMAIN INSIDE AN E.P.S. DURING DEFLATION.

Warranty/ Returns/ Trouble Shooting

All fans are covered under their own manufacture warranties. There is a 30-day return policy, from the day your unit is delivered to you, with the original box and all contents. After we receive the unit, it will be inspected by the manufacturer to determine there are no damages, stretch marks, tears, rips, or punctures. A refund will be given within 10 business days after the manufacturer receives and inspects the unit. The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty against de-lamenation or separation of the seam under ordinary wear, exposure and usage. Note: tears or rips near or next to a seam are not expressly a warranty issue; they are usually associated with some other site related cause. All other wear and tear is not covered under warranty. Exposure to excessive temperatures or mechanical damage (rips, tears, punctures) of any kind is not covered by the warranty. Damage resulting from the act of others, including improper handling and storage, melts, burns, repairs, or enhancements are specifically excluded from warranty. Irregularities in printing, staining, "pin holes", improper stage causing premature weathering, and fading are excluded from the warranty.

If a seal does separate, the owner must take several clear and unobstructed pictures of the area that malfunctioned and e-mail the pictures to info@EPS-Rebel.com along with a request for warranty repair. The manufacturer will provide you with an RMA number and an address to ship to. Shipping will be provided. As soon as the unit is received, it will be inspected. If it can be repaired, it will be repaired and sent back out. If we find that the unit has been damaged in any way that was not the fault of the manufacturer, the user will be expected to pay for the shipping and any repairs that are necessary to bring the product back to factory specifications.

If the unit is over inflated, the edges of the floor will begin to rise up from the ground rounding out the unit and stressing the seams. With continued over inflation the doors will pull apart and the wind tabs outside will begin to tear from their ground stakes. If you do not drive all the stakes in the ground all the way down to the handle, they are at risk of being pulled out by strong winds. We will see stress marks in the metal where the stake began to bend, showing it was not below ground. Over inflation, not staking the unit down properly, leaving the doors open excessively, puncture marks to the flooring from high heels or metal stands, are considered improper use and any damages caused are not covered under warranty and is considered USER ERROR. PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE MANUAL TO ENSURE LONG, SAFE, AND SUCCESSFUL USE.

The warranty set forth herein is in lieu of any and all other warranties, expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. the manufacturer shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages of any kind or nature. This warranty is and shall be deemed to be a contract entered into and made pursuant to the laws of the state in which the inflatable unit was manufactured and shall in all respects be governed, construed, applied, and enforced according to those laws. The warranty set forth herein gives you specified legal rights and you might have other rights, which vary from state to state.

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