"Its the next step in the commoditization of photography"

"...ideal for quickly setting up a controlled shooting environment in minutes"

"The Expandable Photo ideal for photographers."

"If that doesn't show this photographer as having a large dosage of creativity and forward-thinking, then I don't know what else he has to do to prove it."

"Expandable Photography Studio lets you shoot anywhere"

"Photographers constantly working on the go will love the convenience and portability of this"

"Gotta love this one. Rain starting to come down and every other photographer is pulling out flimsy, cheesy , $3 umbrellas, but not you Bunky. You pull a studio out of your kit."

"The Expandable Photography Studio is a new product that could revolutionize location shooting for busy pros...Last time I needed to rent studio space in L.A. the cost was well over twice the asking price of the IPS (EPS)."
"...perfect those who need that extra bit of space for their photograph developing"

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